Concerns about the environment

Environment Quality StampLas Palmeras campsite has been awarded the Badge of Guarantee of Environmental Quality, thanks to its policy of respecting the natural environment and continuously minimizing its environmental impact.

It is for this reason that we foster good habits and an environmental consciousness among our employees and customers.

  • Some of our measures

    Saving water:

    Minimizing the consumption and justifying the use of this very valuable and limited resource. For this reason, the campsite has measures to comply with the criteria of low consumption, such as showers with a flow of less than 10 l/min, taps with a flow of less than 9 l/min and toilets with a flush of less than 6 litres. The irrigation channel for our gardens uses a drop by drop system and we also have a water treatment plant.

    Energy efficiency

    We have thermal solar panels to provide solar energy for heating the swimming pool. Likewise, for lighting the communal areas of the campsite we use high efficiency automated lighting which turns itself on and off. We also use high-performance boilers with an efficiency of more than 90%.

    Waste management

    At the campsite there are separate collection bins for glass, paper and cardboard, plastic containers, tetrabric or metal, batteries, lamps and fluorescent tubes, organic waste and cooking oil. Likewise, we give our customers an ecological bag so that they can use it for going shopping in the supermarket, as part of our policy of eliminating plastic bags.

    Landscape integration

    It is necessary to bear in mind that the campsite is located next to the sea and the Natural Park of Aiguamolls de L’Empordà. In order to respect the environment, the architecture of our facilities has been designed in line with the constructive criteria of the zone, and the landscaping in accordance with the indigenous vegetation and the Mediterranean flora.

  • Recommendations for the environment

    We encourage our clients to actively participate in the preservation of the environment by adopting a respectful attitude towards the environment and its resources. Here are some of our recommendations:


    • Avoiding the use of the toilet as a wastepaper basket
    • Turning off the taps when not using water.


    • Make the most of the natural light and switch off lights when they are not necessary.
    • Wash with cold water.
    • Turn off equipment at the mains and not with a remote control to reduce unecessary consumption of energy.


    • Separate waste into different containers for separate collection.
    • Avoid using containers that are for single use only.
    • Buy food by weight and avoid unnecessary and excessive packaging.
    • Use the bag provided by the campsite reception.
    • Choose products with containers that can be returned.
    • Prioritise glass over plastic as it is easier to recycle.


    • Use non-motorised transport for exploring the countryside.